Vendor Analysis and Assessment

Source IT Partners that Support Your Long-term Growth

Use Vendor Analysis to vet top firms. We’ll help you discover, interview, and hire the right team for your organization. 


Not all vendors are created equal

Even mediocre vendors can present a winning pitch. The question is: do you have the time to systemically vet each vendor to find the best fit?.

The best vendors become partners who help your business scale

The vendor hiring process should be objective and thorough. Internal hiring teams may be strapped for time and influenced by internal pressures. Our vetting process accesses true qualifications and proven expertise, resulting in a strong vendor selection.

Our vendor analysis finds the team that levels up your business

The best vendors become partners who help your business scale. The right vendor must meet your current needs and have the infrastructure and vision to scale with your company.

How do you measure the performance of current vendors to see if they’re still a good match? Ask BridgeView to help. We conduct vendor analysis for both current and future vendors. Anything less will hold you back.

Ask the right questions

Interviewing top vendors is our strength.  Asking the right technical questions, and making sure they have the shared vision to scale with your company long-term is our goal.

Meet requirements. Exceed expectations.

With BridgeView, we vet vendors correlating both your business and technical requirements. Our consulting business is built on the infrastructure of our client sourcing, enterprise, which means we know how to hire top people and firms. From research to interviewing and advising, we’ll help you select the right vendor for your organization.

Vendor analysis and assessment

  • Analysis of potential vendor capabilities for project and program delivery
  • Cost and efficiency analysis of existing vendors
  • Spending analysis and comparison of onshore, nearshore, and offshore resources
  • Cost and efficiency analysis of vendor vs in-house resourcing
  • Vendor oversight, onboarding, and transition
Discover expert vendors who match your goals