tim chris
The Origin Story

Every good story has a beginning...

In the early 2000's Chris & Tim were actually competitors. Tim was working with a large IT staffing company and Chris with a high-performing regional player.

They had mutual friends and would bump into one another at industry events. But it wasn't until Chris' company was acquired and Tim's was drifting to a more transactional, low-relationship model that the two hatched a plan: build a company they would want to work for.

They shared a vision of building a great company based on the values of strong relationships, respect and working with clients on a deeper level. Thus, a new company was born.

Bridge + View

What's in a name?

Now that they'd created a new company, Chris and Tim now needed to settle on a name.

Inspiration struck when they were sitting at the joining points of the South Platte River and Cherry Creek in Denver; an area known as Confluence Point.

While admiring the waterways and classic bridges in the area they started brainstorming and the concept of having a "bridge view" started to take shape.

Their vision was one of standing with your client and your team and charting a path from here to there; a solid footing over the unknown.

Your next project is within sight with BridgeView