Team and Organizational Analysis

There’s a Human Side to Every Technology Transition

Use Team and Organizational Analysis to find and fill technology knowledge gaps in your team and onboard everyone onto improved workflows.


Do you have the right team for your next stage of business?

Forward thinking organizations are moving from legacy systems to state-of-the-art applications. But upgrading to a modern business tool is only one part of technology transformation. A new tech stack also requires a new level of  knowledge and skill. Does your current team have the  knowledge and skill necessary to take full advantage of a technology upgrade?

Transformation doesn’t stop at digital

True technology upgrades are about more than your tech stack. You may need to hire people with advanced technical skills or adopt a new organizational structure. This begins with assessing your team, then identifying and filling gaps in knowledge or skill, while avoiding redundancy in planned staffing.

A dynamic team for your next stage in business

Through Team and Organizational Analysis, you can uncover skill gaps on your team. Are team members positioned to use all their expertise? Are workflows supporting the delivery timeline? Are there technical knowledge gaps that require immediate hiring? What will it take for your team to operate your new tech stack at maximum capability?

The future of your workforce

Get the most out of your technology. A Team and Organizational Analysis with BridgeView, ensures that your team has what it takes to maximize your tech stack. With BridgeView discover hidden expertise on your team, get sensible hiring recommendations, and bolster your org chart to ensure every team member is set up to execute their role most effectively.

Thorough Team and Organizational Analysis

  • Analyze internal and external team communications
  • Review team dynamics and culture
  • Assess the skills of each team member
  • Conduct gap analysis of team tasks and workloads
  • Execute a gap analysis to determine where experts can be placed to  improve delivery and workflows
Ignite your team's effectiveness