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BridgeView's Screening Process

Since 2005, our tenured team has focused on providing technologists in software, data, systems, cloud, and executive leadership, building a vast network of niche technologists across the country. Here's how we ensure a good fit the first time:

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1. Discover & Analyze

The discovery phase is crucial for understanding client needs.

Our recruiters collaborate with client leadership to define the ideal candidate profile.

Building on discovery, we methodically analyze requirements to develop a targeted list of required and preferred skills and a customized outreach campaign.

Our team creates customized technical screening questions for each job to verify candidates' technical expertise.


2. Source & Select

We leverage our internal national database of previously screened and technically assessed active and passive candidates ‘stamped’ with a technology category for fast identification. Using AI data intelligence, we continuously update candidate profiles to ensure we're constantly searching for the most current data.

We leverage AI to source new profiles from 35 online sources, tailored to unique job requirements. This also helps us proactively source and pipeline talent for specific client needs also helps us proactively source and pipeline talent for specific client needs.

•  We've invested in our proprietary application, DragonHire, which accelerates candidate identification for our clients' needs using artificial intelligence and machine learning.


3. Screen & Test

BridgeView recruiters use a two-step screening process to ensure candidates match job requirements and are committed to the opportunity.

The first step involves a phone screen covering functional aspects and a technical screening to assess the extent of technical experience.

  The second step involves a deeper analysis of technical knowledge through an online assessment platform, where we can conduct:

             Technical Q&A: Technical screening based on a robust technical library of questions, customized based on client request.

             Online Technical Assessment: Candidates are sent a customized online assessment from a library of over 300 tests.

             Video Screen: A recorded technical interview to further assess a candidate’s functional and technical knowledge.


4. Verify & Validate

We run criminal background checks and employment verification for the past 7 years, on every candidate we place.

We participate in E-Verify to ensure candidate employment eligibility and prevent candidate fraud.

All W2 contractors are eligible for company-sponsored health benefits, including medical, dental, vision, and a 401(k) match.

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