Training: Leverage Instructional Design

Create, launch, and lead in-house training programs

We’ll produce a custom curriculum based on your unique tech stack and training goals.


Innovation begins with quality education

Your team is growing. What will it take to bring everyone up to the same level of expertise? As technology, teams, and processes change, internal education becomes critical. Strong education fortifies your future, while giving employees the tools to do their best, exceeding expectations.

Make mastery scalable with the right training program

Education doesn’t stop at graduation. When large teams need to master a skill together, one of the most effective paths forward is  a robust internal training program. That means developing a high-quality curriculum, training facilitators and teachers, and giving each team member the resources to achieve proficiency.

Custom curriculums tailored to the unique goals of your company

At BridgeView, we bring deep experience in instructional design to each curriculum. We’ll work closely with stakeholders to develop and lead training programs that meet the specific goals of your organization. Beyond building the courses, your team can receives hands-on training from BridgeView in subjects including cybersecurity, team building, professional branding, and communications.

Programs written to NASBLA accreditation-level quality

Our team has crafted accreditation programs for Fortune 500 organizations. We’ll bring that same level of quality to your curriculum—and train your team members to lead workshops with confidence.

Training: Build and deliver

  • Listen to leadership to determine the goals of this training program
  • Develop a comprehensive curriculum that can be used for years to onboard each new team member
  • Lead and facilitate workshops to help every team member achieve mastery
  • Train internal team members to become future instructors
  • Incorporate the four major styles of learning: visual, auditory, interaction, and reading/writing
  • Record the training program for scalable workshops
Bring mastery to your team