Case Study

Elevating Customer Experience: PMO Transformation and L&D-Driven Problem-Solving

Key Challenges

In the wake of the pandemic, Frontier Airlines' Project Management Organization (PMO) was facing significant challenges. Project continuity was challenging, and undefined KPIs were hampering performance measurement. The resulting environment was jeopardizing project delivery and ultimately impacting customer experience (CX) initiatives. Frontier recognized the need for a strategic overhaul to boost operational efficiency and elevate customer satisfaction.


Our Solutions 

BridgeView provided a two-pronged approach to addressing Frontier’s challenges:

PMO Transformation: A BridgeView Project Management expert and Principal Consultant led a strategic overhaul encompassing:

• Discovery: Identified critical documentation gaps to guide rectification efforts.

• Proactive Risk Management: Implemented a dedicated phase for early identification and escalation of potential issues.

• Strategic Prioritization: Reclassified crucial CX projects, triggering executive intervention and course correction.

• Enhanced Leadership Engagement: Adjusted project statuses led to more targeted reviews and senior management involvement.

• Vendor Management: Enhanced scrutiny of vendor contracts emerged as a crucial practice, highlighting the need for clear expectations and rigorous oversight.

• In-House Development: Transitioning remaining development work in-house fostered control and adaptability.

Standardized Reporting: Established consistent reporting for increased transparency and accountability.

PMO Team Upskilling: Recognizing the need for PMO team development, BridgeView provided a targeted Learning & Development (L&D) program to equip the team with a robust framework and growth mindset. The training was delivered over the course of two days with an experienced Elite Facilitator on BridgeView’s staff.

• Impact & Framework: We guided their team through the impact of effective problem-solving and mastered the 5W+H framework (Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How) for comprehensive analysis.

• Mindset & Application: The training fostered a growth mindset and honed skills through practical exercises and real-life scenarios – all while addressing cognitive biases.

• Embedding PMO Culture: We coached the team on strategies to make problem-solving an integral part of the PMO culture, encouraging continuous improvement and learning from past experiences.


Impacts & Outcomes

• PMO Excellence: The PMO established a gold standard in project management, setting a model for future initiatives.

Early Risk Detection & Mitigation: Transparency and early action on project status recalibration minimized potential downsides.

• Flexibility & Control: In-house development provided greater control and adaptability for project needs.

• Greater Vendor Accountability: A meticulous review of the vendor contract for the Legacy Oracle CRM Replacement project ensured faster accountability and issue resolution.

• Standardized Practices: Stringent documentation practices, including a CRAID log, improved project integrity and accountability.

• Upskilled PMO Team: The L&D program fostered a more collaborative and effective PMO team, equipped to tackle future challenges.

Harnessing the Power of Your PMO With L&D:

Frontier Airlines' PMO transformation is a great example of the power of a combined PMO and L&D strategy. The revitalized PMO and upskilled team positioned the airline for operational excellence and a focus on delivering a superior customer experience.

Ready to raise the bar for your PMO?