Enterprise Data Architecture

Your Application Footprint is Growing. Can IT Keep Up?

With BridgeView, we’ll help you understand your IT requirements, maintain operational excellence, and make critical decisions about tool adoption.


There’s no one-size-fits-all tech stack

Enterprise companies rely on dozens of tools to maintain their daily operations. It can be difficult to integrate all these tools, especially across departments. Data can gets siloed and effectively lost. Most enterprise organizations only access a fraction of their available data.

Implement an enterprise-level data architecture framework

An effective enterprise tech stack is more than the sum of its parts. By introducing an architecture framework, you can get more out of every tool, reduce redundancy across applications, eliminate data silos, and take full control of your IT.

Synthesize data to see the bigger picture

At BridgeView, we offer years of experience in data architecture. We’ll help you build standardized IT processes, document the technology used across departments, and synthesize your analytics data to give you a fuller view into your business and customers.

Bespoke enterprise architecture design

No two enterprises are the same. That means cookie-cutter enterprise architecture frameworks have limited success. With BridgeView, we use frameworks as the starting gate, not the finish line. Together, we’ll create an enterprise architecture framework that meets the exact needs of your organization.

Enterprise data architecture

  •  Work with leadership to determine IT and data goals
  • Assess your existing tool suite to uncover data silos and redundant tools
  • Suggest new tools to meet technology gaps in your organization
  • Standardize technology processes and documentation
  • Train and onboard internal team members to get more out of new and existing tools
  • Deliver a comprehensive enterprise and data architecture strategy to help you move confidently into the future
Standarize your business process. Activate your data.