Case Study

Building a Strong Foundation: Enterprise Architecture Unlocks Efficiencies for Nationwide Construction Materials Supplier

Key Challenges

A growing national aggregates and construction materials company was struggling with a decentralized IT model. Shadow IT and independent software acquisition at the field level were causing inefficiencies and wasted resources. The business and IT functions lacked a collaborative framework for software selection, resulting in redundant systems, compatibility challenges and duplicated licenses across locations.


Our Solutions 

BridgeView’s consulting services team built out a comprehensive Enterprise Architecture (EA) framework to centralize and streamline IT operations across the business. This included:

EA Framework Development: We established a structured, but light TOGAF framework for software evaluation and selection and created an Enterprise Architecture Board (EA) to provide a pipeline for new initiatives. 

Education & Training: We equipped the company with a deep understanding of EA principles and best practices.

Standardized Tools: We built tools to manage KPIs, track software utilization, and centralize asset management. The EA Board further facilitated collaborative problem-solving between business and IT, ensuring software selection aligns with business needs.


Impacts & Outcomes

Cost Optimization: Centralized decision-making was designed to prevent redundant software purchases and licensing costs. 

• Improved Visibility: Standardized tools enabled better understanding of IT asset utilization and integration points across applications.  

• Enhanced Collaboration: The EA framework provided a platform for open communication and shared decision-making, treating business stakeholders as valued partners.

Aligning Business Goals & IT Functionality: Working closely with the client, we created a more informed and empowered IT framework that emphasized strong cross-functional partnerships and directly addressed business goals – not just technology challenges. 


Technologies or Methodologies Used:



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