Mergers and Acquisitions

Turn Two Companies into One Singular, Focused Team

Move from legacy platforms to efficient, cloud-enabled based apps.


Mergers, the real work occurs after the agreement is signed

Finding the right business to acquire or partner with is a process. You’ve researched the right company, set advantageous terms, and signed on the dotted line. Now comes the hardest part: merging those two teams using entirely different systems and technology.

Consolidate your teams, workflows, and technology

Combining two organizations into one requires thoughtful communication, comprehensive onboarding, deep internal assessments to determine the best technology and processes, and effective project management to provide clear direction.

Get everyone on the same page

BridgeView is your partner for mergers and acquisitions. We’ll help you navigate through this big change. We’ll identify common ground and disparate positions and then set a strong foundation for a smooth transition  and provide your team the resources to move forward with confidence, toward a mutual goal.

Merger and acquisition support

  • Work with leadership to determine goals and set direction for their growing team
  • Establish informative and considered communication to support unified change
  • Assess the technology used by both companies to determine the best systems for this new phase of business
  • Assess the skills of each team member to place each employee in their most advantageous role
  • Find and fill gaps in staffing, processes, and technology 


A smooth merger begins with a clear plan