As the repercussions of the coronavirus pandemic continue, it’s more important than ever to support great local businesses. For us at BridgeView IT, that means giving a shoutout to our favorite Colorado catering company, A Spice of Life.

It’s pretty simple: A Spice of Life makes some of the tastiest food we’ve ever had and they’ve never let us down. They’ve been a good partner to us over the years as they’ve catered meals for our internal team as well as holiday lunches with large numbers of our clients. Founded by Dave Rubin and Dan Bruckner, the company has been around for 25 years and knows exactly what it’s doing. They’ve won awards from the Denver Business Journal and even have a focus on environmental conservation in their processes.

During the new normal we find ourselves in with COVID-19, A Spice of Life is unable to cater weddings, galas, and other corporate events ranging from 100 to 1,500 people that they’re used to. However, they love making great food for great people, and so they’ve made their food available for individual pickup and delivery. When I heard this, I jumped at the opportunity and reached out to five families in my neighborhood to see if they wanted to put in a joint order. Those families spoke to five more who spoke to five more, and before I knew it, I was picking up food for 15 households in my neighborhood. Our sense of community was stronger than ever, and it was thanks to A Spice of Life.

Better yet, A Spice of Life also began a program they call Pay It Forward. Every time someone places an order, the company gives the option to purchase meals that are sent to essential workers in hospitals, EMS services, firehouses, and more. As a result, A Spice of Life has donated over 100 meals per week for the last two weeks and hopes to continue the heartwarming trend.

Please consider supporting a wonderful Colorado company by getting takeout from A Spice of Life. Call up your neighbors to make a group order and send family and friends a link to the menu. Not only is it a decision that tastes good, but it’s one that will leave you feeling good too (plus, you won’t have to wash any dishes!).

“As a small business, we are so grateful for the support from our community during this time. We feel lucky that we’re able to still work to provide quality food even when we’re unable to cater large events. It’s been fun getting creative and encouraging to deliver donated meals to hospitals and other front-line facilities. Thank you to Chris Beisler and BridgeView IT for organizing our largest curbside pickup to date!” -Dave Rubin, Co-Founder of A Spice of Life

To check out A Spice of Life’s menu and place an order, click here.

Written: May 2020