Community is the heart of BridgeView IT. The nature of our work enables us to make a positive impact on the careers and businesses of amazing individuals on a regular basis, but our aspiration to support our community doesn’t stop once we’ve left the office. Through BVI Karma days, we have taken our passion for making a positive impact on local communities a step further by volunteering for causes we support wholeheartedly. This quarter, our Denver team partnered with the Leadership of A Precious Child to demonstrate our energy, enthusiasm, and passion for helping improve the lives of underprivileged children and families throughout Colorado.

Why A Precious Child Is a Cause We Support

For those who aren’t familiar with A Precious Child, the Broomfield-based non-profit is devoted to giving children throughout eight counties in Colorado the opportunities and resources to help them grow into secure and self-reliant adults. They work with over 370 partner agencies to provide families with a leg up on difficult life situations and offer children educational opportunities to set them up for a bright future.

Programs range from providing children of all ages and their families with clothes and household essentials to teaching the values of STEAM education in a fun and engaging environment that many local kids wouldn’t otherwise experience. A Precious Child’s deep-seated commitment to this great cause and their amazing results in our local communities impressed our team, making the case to pick them as our next Karma Day partner a compelling one.

How BridgeView IT Denver Helped A Precious Child

On April 18th, our Denver team made a day out of volunteering at A Precious Child to help them sort through and arrange over 2,690 lbs of donations. Through their Resource Center, local families are able to pick out clothes and household necessities (free of charge) that they desperately need.

It was up to our team to review donations, separating out new and gently used goods from those that were worn out. The rule of thumb for A Precious Child is that any items you wouldn’t buy for your own child is not up to their quality standards. A Precious Child aims to treat the people who rely on their programs with compassion and understanding (no judgement), and providing high-quality items is part of the way they help families maintain a sense of dignity. All day long, our people were committed to making sure that only the best-quality items made it onto the shelf.

“Usually, A Precious Child volunteers only spend about thirty minutes to an hour helping where they can. It’s helpful, but it only scratches the surface,” said Tyler Tinnes, Sr. Technical Recruiter at BridgeView IT. “Because we brought a huge group, we were able to knock out a week’s worth of tasks for them in one day. It was a daunting task upfront, but we delegated duties to each member of the team and knocked them out. We knew we were working our hardest because we kept hearing ‘Wow!’ and ‘Thank you!’ from the people around us.”

“I think it was an amazing opportunity. I’ve donated clothes in the past but seeing actual families with their shopping carts, building a wardrobe when it would be difficult for them to do so otherwise, shows how important donating to and volunteering with causes like A Precious Child are for our local community,” said Tim Glennie, Managing Partner at BridgeView IT.

In the end, our team members valued the experience and felt deeply rewarded for the chance to help so many families. Best of all, our hard work appears to have left an impression on A Precious Child.

“We are proud to say that the team from BridgeView IT was very invested in A Precious Child’s mission and it showed in how well they worked and how much they accomplished,” said Nichole Karpinsky, Director of Volunteer Services at A Precious Child, in an email to our team. “They were highly motivated to sort through donations and make sure that high-quality items made it to our families as quickly as possible! They helped us sort through 2,690 lbs of donations to serve approximately 500 kiddos!”

If you want to donate to or volunteer with A Precious Child, you can find more information here.

Written: May 2018