It’s been a busy year here at BridgeView, comprising success and struggle in equal measure. But there’s no doubt that we’ve come out on the other side as a stronger, more vibrant company. We can only guess that it’s been a challenging year for you, too, and we hope you’re currently working toward a restful holiday season. Everybody needs time to unplug with the people they love.

When it comes to breaking down 2021, it’s hard to know where to begin. Rather than tout any tech solutions successes we might have had over the past 12 months, we thought we might share some holiday cheer to close out the year. Because as we all know, deep down, that this is the time of year to focus on what we can do for others.

We love Denver for so many reasons—after all, the same adventurous spirit that makes us pursue tech careers in the first place also makes us want to get outdoors and live fuller lives. There’s no better place to do that than this great city, and we wanted to give back to the people by making a special donation to one of our favorite charities, Food Bank of the Rockies (FBOTR). This donation will help provide the equivalent of 20,000 meals to our community.

Supporting FBOTR doesn’t just provide nourishment to Denver-area neighbors in need—as they say on their website, it also creates meaningful memories fueled by memorable meals (the kind the rest of us probably take for granted each year). We thank the folks at FBOTR for giving us an opportunity to reach out and make a difference when it arguably matters the most, and we encourage each and every one of you to do the same. And if you don’t live in Denver, take a moment to find ways to give back to people in your neck of the woods.

We hope that whatever industry you work in, you feel fulfilled after a year that somehow flew by, and at the same time, seemed never-ending. Rest up this holiday season. You’ve earned it. No matter your profession, if you live and work in Denver, you know that few places are as festive (or as snowy) around the holidays. We hope our donation leaves you feeling warm, charitable, and in the holiday spirit.

For more information and to donate to Food Bank of the Rockies directly, click here.

Happy holidays from all of us at BridgeView!

Written: December 2021