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Invest in your organization's success by equipping your team with a variety of comprehensive & critical training.

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Training tailored to your organization's needs

Our tried & tested training process helps us to best provide you with a custom-developed training set to achieve noticeable improvements in your team.

Cybersecurity Training

Join us for a comprehensive cybersecurity training, designed to provide business teams with a fundamental knowledge of the current array of threat landscapes and intricacies of security policies.


Our training approach not only ensures active engagement through interactive course design but also promotes collaborative learning through hands-on activities.


Moreover, our training modules are meticulously tailored to cater to your organization's unique training needs, offering a versatile solution that seamlessly aligns with your specific requirements while ensuring compliance with security certification mandates for annual training.

AI Training

Dive deeper into the world of AI with an immersive AI experience as we explore current AI strengths, vulnerabilities, emerging AI technologies, and delve deep into practical labs on Large Language Models, Super Resolution, Vision Generative AI, and Robotic Process Automation.


Designed to provide business leaders with a deep understanding of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) technologies.


Plus, gain insights into actionable decision-making in AI, ethics, regulation, and the integration of Microsoft's Cognitive Services in Azure, all wrapped up with an open Q&A session for your specific AI inquiries.

Scenario Based Training

Explore our highly customized scenario-based training offering, thoughtfully designed to align precisely with the specific needs of your organization.


This dynamic learning experience goes beyond traditional training methods and encompasses a diverse range of subjects, such as Strategic Problem-Solving, Hands-on Training immersed in real-world scenarios, and in-depth exploration of the Role of Mindset in Effective Problem-Solving.


Whatever your organizational goals demand, we can tailor a comprehensive training solution that empowers your team with the knowledge and skills necessary to propel your organization forward.

What our clients are saying

"The PMO team openness to learn is critical to any training. I was able to identify a couple of areas that I can improve and some ideas that I hadn't even considered..."

"Helena teaches this course like a rock star. It's great knowing that she was in our shoes in the past and has great examples and anecdotes to share as we continued through the content. It's great when an instructor develops a rapport with the class and shares fun information about themselves - it makes it a much more enjoyable experience. Helena is good at connecting with her students and keeping them engaged."

"I really liked the hands on activities with our tables, especially when we were working focusing on the pertinent details only. I learned a lot, especially from that module."

"The best part of the training was being together in person as a team and having activities that engaged the participants. Good facilitators that encouraged interaction."

Our Process

1. Analysis & Assessment

Our trainers perform discovery and analysis with you and your managers to determine key areas where you believe the workforce could show improvement. This provides a better understanding of your needs and goals and what you wish to accomplish with this training. Additionally, it will help us find how best to train your employees to get effective results.

3. Review & Approval

Once the training course is drafted, we will review developed content with you and any other stakeholders. At this stage, we will incorporate your feedback and iterate through any additions and changes. We'll obtain your approval upon completion of changes.

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2. Implementation & Evaluation

The training course will be delivered in the manner and timelines outlined in the plan. In order to know if we met your expectations as well as the team's, we'll distribute a survey shortly after the conclusion of training. The feedback will be shared with you as well.

4. Training Development

Once we have analyzed your input, the team and the relevant business areas, our trainers will create a customized training course. Our training approach takes into account the differences in the learning styles and picks activities that will be accessible and suitable to the entire team. We use a combination of lectures, activities, business simulations and role playing to help achieve the desired results.

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