How do you know when it’s time to bring in a technology consultant?  To be honest, it would be a lot easier to answer the question “When is it NOT time to bring in a consultant?” 

Do these questions sound familiar?

“My team works well together, but they are completely overwhelmed with daily tasks. How do we find the right people to fill out the team, without upsetting the dynamics?”

“Our organization is growing quickly, and my team is struggling to keep up with all the new IT projects that are kicking off. How do we define a new way of working, without falling behind?”

“We need new technology to support our business, but we aren’t sure which product or service would be the best fit. How do we pick the right solution and conduct a successful implementation?”

“Our company has just completed a security assessment, and the findings caught us completely off guard. How do we improve our security?”

“We have been working with the same vendor for a few years now, how do we find the time to evaluate their performance for improvements and/or research alternatives?”

Given time and resources, any organization can find answers to these questions. But, after 25 years of navigating the business and world, I can also say most do not have the critical ingredients of “time” and “resources.”

I worked with a client that was very aware of the issues impacting their business vey day. They knew that change was needed. They even had some pretty good ideas on how to implement those changes. They simply didn’t have the time to write it all down, or to find the people they needed to bring about the needed changes.

Working by their side, listening to their struggles, and using my own experience and knowledge, we were able to get those ideas on paper. We built those ideas into actionable items that identified available roles, created opportunities for new partnerships, and detailed new processes that helped alleviate the strain on the existing teams. They now have the time, and the additional resources, to not just “keep the lights on”, but to grow past their original expectations.

Consultants bring outside perspectives, deep experience, and extensive networks of resources that will shorten the time it takes to implement the changes, upgrades, and adjustments you need to keep your business moving expanding forward.

So, do you have all the time and resources you need to answer your organization’s questions? If not, NOW is the time to bring in a consultant.

Written: February 2023