On a regular basis, we take time to give back to our community through Karma Days. Our team is filled with animal lovers, so we decided to spend our latest Karma Day volunteering at the Foothills Animal Shelter in Golden, CO. This excellent facility cares for over 9,200 orphaned cats, kittens, dogs, puppies and critters each year.

A Day Well-Spent 

Upon arrival, we were split into two different teams. One team paired up with the staff to take several dogs out for a nice walk around the facility and into a neighboring park while the other team helped clean up the outdoor play areas which had been getting a little overgrown with weeds. Then, the teams switched jobs so that everyone got the opportunity to walk the dogs. Afterward, we got a full tour of the facility so we could understand how their system works to serve the community.

An Impressive Facility

At 33,000 square feet, the Foothills Animal Shelter is an impressive facility to walk through. Our tour began with animal intake, where we learned that the shelter accepts nearly any type of animal except horses. In addition to many dogs and cats, it was fun to see turtles, guinea pigs, snakes, and other small animals (they mentioned that once someone even dropped off a Caiman Crocodile). While most animals are brought in during the day, Foothills does offer a night drop-off service as well in case someone finds a stray at a late hour.

A new medical suite allows the Shelter to provide a high level of care, and there is a full veterinarian staff on board to check the health of the animals when they arrive. If the animal is a stray or lost and found, the team researches to try and reunite the animal with its family. Should they be unable to find the owner after a week, the animal is moved to the adoption center. If an animal needs care, they are held back and treated by the staff until they are cleared for adoption. We were happy to hear that most animals are adopted within one week.

The Importance of Animal Adoption

While we were at the facility we got to meet Ducky, a Shar-Pei that had been hit by a car. With her family no longer able to afford care for her, the Foothills team took her in to perform surgery on a broken leg and apply a pink cast to help her heal. Ducky is an incredibly sweet dog that had affection for everybody. That is just one example of the wonderful animals Foothills has, ready to find a loving home.

Despite excellent treatment and accommodations at the shelter, without a proper home the animals face an uncertain future. For those interested in having a cat, dog, or other animal in their home, we encourage you to take a look at what Foothills has to offer before considering other options. Ducky could be your next beloved family pet. Elvis, a rottweiler/shepherd mix, was extremely friendly and would make a great addition to any family as well.

Everyone on the BridgeView team was very impressed with the caring nature of the Foothills staff and their team of dedicated volunteers. They are committed to providing the best possible care to the animals and helping them find homes. Several pet companies donate food, toys, and other necessities to the organization, and while the shelter is funded by private and public funding, they could always use more assistance. It was our pleasure to lend a helping hand during our latest Karma Day and look forward to returning in the future.

To see which animals are up for adoption, visit the Foothills Animal Shelter website. For more on the events BridgeView IT participates in, like us on Facebook.


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Written: September 2018