Identity and Access Management (IAM)

Improve Security & Internal Performance With Stronger Identity and Access Management

Controlling identities and access brings greater business success.

Who can access crucial internal systems and impact?

Managing identities within your organization is critical and can also be complex. Knowing who is authorized for access, what permissions they have and which systems they can access, and how that access affects your organization can provide transparency and security to internal teams, as well as assurance and security for potential customers.

Is it time for a new approach to identity management?

Is it time to review how you currently manage access; define and implement a new IAM strategy; or determine ways to centralize access requests? Bridgeview Consulting can help you get the answers you need.

Let our experts guide you to enhanced security

Maybe your management process needs a tweak or maybe it’s time for a total overhaul of your access and security system. Either way, BridgeView has the expert knowledge and experience to move you into stronger security and better access management.

  Understand how your organization manages access to existing systems, applications, and data 

  Decide which access methodology should be implemented at your organization (RBAC, ABAC, SBAC) 

  Know which applications or products would help your organization adopt an affective IAM program 

  Determine how can your organization best manage requests for access to systems and data. 

  Understand how can your organization implement a centralized IAM program? 

  Learn how to best implement an access certification/re-certification program 

Make identity and access management a foundation for security.

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