Jeremy Neufeld

Sr. Technical Recruiter

Jeremy grew up in small-town South Dakota and moved to Colorado in 2003. As a Senior Recruiter, Jeremy enjoys building long-term relationships with professionals looking to build their career in software development and infrastructure. On the weekends, Jeremy is usually found hiking above treeline, camping with his family, or teaching his young boys how to share. Jeremy holds a Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy from Grinnell College.

Great Recruiters Ratings


Jeremy was very friendly and got things moving quickly, which was great. I did not feel like I was being used as part of the usual fling it against the wall strategy and see if it sticks that a lot of recruiters use. They are concerned about their corporate client and only desire to submit top candidates to them. This made me feel valuable as well.
Doug C.
Help Desk Analyst
Quick, informative and friendly. Really good follow up. I would work with Jeremy again!
Louis D.
Technical Program Manager
He's good! Can't wait to work with him again.
David T.