Resume updated – check.
LinkedIn profile updated – check.
Surf job boards and apply to some online postings – check.
Network and email with friends and former co-workers – check.
Meet with staffing firm recruiter – check.

Now what?  You have started with some obvious steps to look for a new job but now the search has stalled.  Seems like you keep seeing all the same jobs posted – ones you are not interested in pursuing.  Are all the good jobs not posted online? Hidden? Don’t exist?

Maybe your timing is just bad.  Ask any Recruiter or HR Rep who has been in the business for a while and they will tell you it is all about timing.  Not just timing but talking to the right contact at the right time.  Let’s say you finally connect with that elusive HR Rep about a Web Designer position at that cool downtown company that offers killer salaries, bonuses, flex work time, matching 401K, stock and free beer.  Sorry, we had 3 roles open last month but now they are all filled.  Doh!

So, before you quit your job and start looking for a new one know the timing in your market. suggests, most hiring is seasonal and has very distinctive trends.  In my experience early summer and late fall are the best times to be looking for something new.  Having good timing and knowing the trends can make or break you finding the next dream job.

Written: November 2015