Artificial Intelligence (AI) has seamlessly integrated into our everyday lives. From Alan Turing’s pioneering work in the 1940s, showcased in “The Imitation Game”, to its pervasive role in today’s industries, AI has come a long way. This remarkable evolution from theoretical exploration to practical application underscores the urgency for comprehensive AI education. Last year alone, AI made significant inroads in advertising and media, claiming nearly a 20% industry share, with healthcare projected to lead by 2030.

With AI redefining business capabilities, there is an increasing demand for businesses to leverage these technologies effectively. As companies seek to familiarize themselves with AI’s dynamic nature and the expanding applications, they must acquire the essential skills and knowledge for effective AI utilization.

Recognizing the urgency of staying ahead in this dynamic landscape, BridgeView stands ready to lead your company’s training initiatives, guiding your team in harnessing the full potential of AI technologies. We offer various training courses and services designed to equip individuals and businesses with the knowledge, skills, and tools necessary to keep pace with the rapidly evolving AI landscape.

The Need for AI Training

Recently, ITPro published an article describing the growing AI skills gap among workers. The shortage of AI skills is prompting tech managers to substantially elevate their investments in training. Furthermore, McKinsey’s research emphasizes the necessity for companies to ‘build an environment that fosters the flourishing of AI talent’ and encourages the ability to innovate from within.”

Key Benefits of AI Training


  • Enhance problem-solving skills: Strengthen your team’s ability to tackle complex challenges using AI
  • Fuel innovation: AI training and education acts as a catalyst for fostering fresh ideas and innovative approaches, making it a valuable asset across various industries. 
  • Retain your top talent:  Offering AI training is a strategic investment for companies aiming to retain skilled employees, simultaneously creating a competitive advantage within the business.
  • Promote ethical AI practices: Provide a perspective on the ethical and responsible use of AI within your company, reinforcing a commitment to ethical standards in the deployment of artificial intelligence technologies.

BridgeView’s Cybersecurity Training offers comprehensive modules covering phishing, ransomware, and advanced persistent threats. Their training courses are tailored to the needs of different organizations, providing customized content relevant to specific industries and job roles.

Regular comprehensive training can help employees stay up-to-date with the latest threats and techniques used by cybercriminals. By creating a culture of cybersecurity awareness, organizations can better protect themselves from the cyber threat landscape and ensure the safety of digital information and vulnerabilities.

Real-World Application

Confronted with the challenge of integrating AI into their operations, a manufacturing client established an innovation lab to drive technological advancements. However, they soon realized a critical disconnect: their innovation team’s cutting-edge ideas were not translating into practical applications due to a skills gap with the IT support team.

To bridge this gap, they partnered with us for a tailored AI training program, focusing on equipping the IT team with AI implementation and maintenance. Following the training, the IT team not only seamlessly transitioned the lab’s innovative AI concepts into production but also implemented significant enhancements.

As a result, the synergy between the innovation lab and IT support fostered a robust, sustainable model for AI integration, ensuring the organization was well-equipped to harness the full potential of AI in enhancing manufacturing operations and overall efficiency.

Enhancing Your Innovation Pipeline With AI Training

We’ve only scratched the surface of the benefits of AI training — exploring how AI can enhance your team’s problem-solving capabilities, accelerate innovation in your organization, retain and grow your top talent and learn how to implement AI ethically and responsibly. 

As we witness company after company achieving success and unlocking AI’s potential, it becomes evident that AI training is not merely an option but a necessity for your organization to remain relevant and competitive across diverse industries.

Have you encountered similar challenges or shared experiences? BridgeView provides tailored solutions and services to inform and inspire your teams, empowering them to seamlessly integrate AI solutions into your business.

Written: December 2023