Cybersecurity Awareness Training

Information — a powerful solution 

Providing information, training, and education saves time and money, and strengthens your organization.

The first line of defense is simple.

Providing employees with the information that they need to reduce security incidents is always the best, first line defense against potential threats. What is obvious to those focused on security maybe unclear or indistinct to others. BridgeView can conduct a full assessment of your staff’s knowledge and comfort regarding security and their role in it.

Who knows what about security?

Recent studies reported that up to 82% of critical data breaches involve the “Human Element”. Those studies also provide evidence that up to 60% of the time, breaches could have been prevented by educating staff on what breaches look like, how they are perpetrated, and how to prevent them. Who on your teams knows what to look? Does every employee understand their role in maintaining company security?

Our Security Experts Identify Your Best Path to Security

At Bridgeview, we work with clients to identify gaps in knowledge and training through comprehensive analysis, design and implement tailored Cyber Security Training and Awareness programs, and review and recommend potential training vendors. We’ll help you find a quick and practical solution to shift everyone in your organization into a security collaborator. 

  Help your employees prevent data breaches 

  Train your employees to identify threats and mitigate phishing attempts 

  Build a culture of security in your organization 

  Learn how to best communicate new threats to your organization 

  Identify the training and awareness programs best suited to your organization 

  Determine the training and awareness steps needed to comply with your recognized security standards and regulations 

Build a secure future.

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