Case Study

Reviving Legacy Software: A Case Study in AI Model Modernization

Key Challenges

In an evolving technological landscape, legacy software can become burdensome or rapidly obsolete. Our client, a leader in the photo curation space, faced precisely this challenge. Their innovative AI-powered image curation software, crucial for serving their large clientele, relied on aging AI models, hindering accuracy and performance. A significant backlog of unresolved defects further compromised the user experience and overall stability. Internal capacity was directed elsewhere, so they engaged BridgeView for a solution.


Our Solutions 

BridgeView leveraged its Technology Talent Services capabilities to stand up a highly capable development team led by a BridgeView Principal Consultant. Following a situational analysis, we established a development process to monitor progress and enable transparency, fostering trust and ensuring the client remained fully informed on solutions including:

Agile Transformation: Rigorous Agile methodologies made for clearer communication, improved collaboration, and ensured on-time delivery.

Enhanced SDLC Practices: We implemented comprehensive documentation practices to streamline workflows and provided a transparent view of progress.

AI Model Revamp: We replaced and improved the existing AI models, significantly enhancing accuracy and functionality.

Rapid Bug Resolution: A dedicated team tackled existing bugs, resulting in a refined and fast user interface.

Hardware Upgrades: Hardware replacements and software updates ensured a stable and secure environment for clients.


Impacts & Outcomes

Enhanced User Experience: With 40+ UI bugs fixed, the application’s user interface is now polished, fast, and purposeful. The modernized AI models and a defect-free UI delivered a demonstrably faster and more enjoyable experience for end-users.

• Improved Decision-Making Intelligence: Our work provided the client with clear insights into user behavior, enabling informed decision-making.

• Expanded Functionality: New, large-scale features requested by the client were implemented, significantly enhancing the application's capabilities and supporting their business goal.

• Advanced AI Performance: We upgraded AI models to improve accuracy and added functionalities.

• Improved Security: Hardware upgrades ensured a secure and high-performing platform for client use.

• Unique Talent Partnership: The team sourced by BridgeView’s Talent Services was so successful, the client hired two team members full-time and extended our project manager for another year.

Beyond Photo Curation: This project represents BridgeView’s ability to rapidly stand up highly qualified development teams and breathe new life into legacy software – especially those powered by AI.


Technologies or Methodologies Used:

• Jira

• Slack

• Bitbucket

• Node-Red

• Large Language Models (LLMs)

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