A couple of years back, we decided that although we had supported many non-profits and charities over the years that we needed to do more than donate money.  We wanted to get involved and have our team get involved as well.  Hence, Karma Day was born.

To help us find fulfilling partnerships, we polled the entire company to identify the causes  important to them.  Homelessness, animal welfare, environmental clean-up, and helping the unemployed return to the workforce were top of the list.

We have since had several Karma Days, and the experiences have yielded lots of excitement and participation from the team.  When we initially rolled out the program, we decided that it was important to show the community that they were our top priority.  In order to prove our commitment to this belief, we regularly close up shop, turn off cell phones, and unplug in order to give 100% of our focus to the charitable organization we are supporting that day.  By tapping into the heart and soul of our business, we have created a yearly tradition of giving back that everyone looks forward to. In fact, our team enjoys Karma days so much, they have asked if we can do events quarterly!

When we asked the team what Karma Day meant to them, they responded:

  • Personal and Passion-driven. At BridgeView IT we all share a desire to help people; develop careers, offer advice, empower. As philanthropists, there are other causes and initiatives we can’t influence every day that we hold near and dear. The Karma Program allows us to pay it forward in a personalized and passion-driven way, targeting organizations that speak to our personal and collective mission to serve the greater good. – Meg
  • Karma Day is a way to support the Mile High city beyond finding our great citizens their dream jobs.  Whether it be helping and supporting the homeless and needy, cooking food for disadvantaged kids, or cleaning our local parks and rivers, Karma Day is a yearly event where we come together as a family to support the greater good in the city we call home.  – Ryan
  • Sometimes, we can get stuck in our day to day routine and it’s refreshing to break it up with doing something that is rewarding and giving back to the community.  Whether it be cleaning up parks or feeding the less fortunate, we are building relationships that brings feelings of togetherness, appreciation and satisfaction as well as creating a greater team bond with the people we work with on a day to day basis.  It’s a great feeling knowing that you can make a difference. – Alexa

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves. With that, we will leave you with a list of great organizations we have supported, and we would encourage you to check out what they are doing.  These folks can always use an extra set of hands.

Past Karma Day Partners:





Written: February 2016