Every manager expects their employees to work hard and do their jobs, but with with just a little nudge, you can stand out. These employees are the first ones to be considered when jobs open and it is time for annual pay increases. Here are 5 great tips and how to get started.


  1. Communication, more is more
    If you are new in your role or if you have been doing this job for years, the more you communicate the better off you will be. Questions help you know exactly what is expected of you and make sure you don’t have to rework anything. At the same time, it will help your boss see that you are engaged with your work and help clarify anything for the rest of your team.Try it in your next meeting, just ask one more (important) question before you walk out the door.
  2. Anticipate needs
    Communication is key, but the longer you are in your role, the more you should be able to understand what a good outcome will look like and what work needs to be done.Pick a small project, if you are fairly certain you know what is expected, go ahead and make the jump and just do it. You’ll learn very quickly if that is appreciated or if your boss would prefer that you always wait for direction.
  3. Together you are better
    As you are asking questions and anticipating your manager’s needs, they will begin to rely on you as a resource. As new ideas come up, try to give some feedback from your perspective, even if they were in the job recently, your boss will value additional feedback. This will help you to shape the work you do.
    Next time the boss has an idea, add some constructive input and see how they take it. Start slow, just add something that is possibly just an extension of their thought, if they seem to like it start to work more in.
  4. Customers are key
    Whether your customers are internal employees or clients, they are who you really work for. If your customers are happy, your boss will be too.
    Tell your boss about recent conversations with customers and ways you think your company could improve service. It will help keep them in the loop and make your life better, it is a lot more fun talking to happy customers!
  5. Be Engaged
    A recent study showed that only 29% of employees are engaged at their job. Even if you don’t love what you are doing today, the best way to get the job you want is to do the best you can at the one you have.
    What does engagement mean? It doesn’t mean you need to be a suck up or “drink the Kool-aid,” you can even do a little complaining with your co-workers. If you just do the 4 points above, you are probably already there. By being enthusiastic and taking an interest in improving your company, you will be far ahead of your peers.



Written: January 2015