All of us long for a career where our passions and skills perfectly align with what we get paid to do.  If we are honest, we have to admit that this dream is simply not the present reality for many in the work place.  However, this does not mean you have to forfeit joy and fulfillment in what you currently do.  There is unprecedented joy in loving where you currently are in the process of life rather than focusing solely on where you think you should be.  So here are 5 small changes to help you love the job you have right now.

  1. Remember Why You Are Still There
    If you in a job that you don’t love, then chances are, you are still there for a reason. While some jobs have contractual commitments, most employees in a job they don’t love could quit anytime. But they don’t.  So why stay if you don’t love it?  That’s a serious question.  Think about why you are there and how this job is functional for you in some manner. Whether it is the entry level job into a career you love or simply the means by which you feed your family, both have merit.  When you can appreciate this present reality, you can love the job you have in this very moment because it is leading you somewhere.
  2. Invest in relationships that matter
    It has often been proven that you can endure much if you enjoy the people with whom you endure.  Relationships at work are often a choice.  Will you choose to engage your co-workers or will you bury yourself in work and run out the door at 5.  When you take the time to invest in relationships that matter, then those friendly faces can be the very reason to walk into work with some joy.
  3. Pick a Fight
    Not literally.  Don’t pick a fight with one of your co-workers.  After all, it was just said to invest in relationships what matter.  What is meant by pick a fight, is to pick a fight with a particular purpose.  When you are in a job for some time and monotony sets in, you often lose that fire in your eyes you had at one point.  So find a particular outcome and resolve yourself to see it through.  Pick a fight with purpose in the midst of less than favorable work scenarios and reignite that first love.
  4. Learn
    Feast on every bit of knowledge you can find at work and become the consummate learner. You see, while your outcomes produces benefits for your employer, your learning produces for you. And the benefits of knowledge will stick with you the rest of your life. When you realize that your job is contributing your lifelong skill set then you can love everyday of it.
  5. Find the little things
    Lastly, the experts would suggest that you learn to appreciate the little things.  Not all jobs bring with them the full benefits of the highest earning tech companies. When you find a way to appreciate the small wins, then you set yourself up to be happy regularly. Think of the Football player whose only joy is winning a Super Bowl, despite how rare an event that actually is for them. Now think of the Football player whom finds joy in every catch or every tackle.  Ask yourself which one will be happier more often? Start finding joy in the little things and you will find a quick path to loving the job you have right now.
Written: January 2015