You are looking for the right job at a company that aligns with your values. However, with all the options and opportunities available in today’s market, you are unsure where to begin.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone in the know, someone who has a relationship with your ideal companies? But as soon as someone mentions the word “recruiter,” you hesitate. Do they really understand what you need to find a role that fits your skills?

While I can’t speak for all recruiters, I can tell you how technical recruiters operate at BridgeView. When you work with one of us, you’ll have an “ace in the hole” to help you play more winning hands in your job search. Here’s what we have to offer.

1. We don’t just understand the client – we know them.

A good technical recruiter cultivates an ongoing, relevant relationship with the leaders of tech companies. The partnership is more than just receiving a job description – we have actual and continual conversations with our clients. They paint the picture for us about the talent they need and why they need it. We map out timelines, plan interview processes, and discuss the salary range, non-negotiables, schedules, and benefits – truly the whole nine yards. These are the details you won’t get from merely reviewing job postings online (or even talking to a recruiter with no tech specialization).

Being up-front and honest is in a technical recruiter’s DNA. My industry experience in the last eight years indicates that more than half the battle is communication and clarification. Here is a prime example:

I once worked with a candidate who had strong hesitations about a client. Somewhere, somehow, the wires of communication were mixed up, so I immediately called the candidate to give the 4-1-1 on the opportunity and the client. As it turns out, the candidate misunderstood who the client was. Once I provided detailed specifications about the role, shared insights from my relationship with the hiring manager, and unpacked the perks of the position, the candidate took the interview. Just a few short days later, an offer was successfully extended and accepted.

That opportunity almost went out the window! The lesson here is that misunderstandings of any kind can occur, but with quick communication and clarification, I dispelled any concerns to assure the candidate that this company was the real deal. At the end of the day, technical recruiters know more than the basic job description and keywords because they’ve developed the industry knowledge to be skilled matchmakers for technologists.

2. We are responsive and accountable.

Great technical recruiters tell their candidates the truth and make sure they know any relevant updates from the client’s perspective. If there’s a delay or change in the interview process or job requirements, we work with the clients to understand why; we are clear, and even blunt with the client to understand which changes are being made to set the pace for consistent communication and follow-through.

Some recruiters have a bad rap when it comes to communication – they are as slow as molasses to email you the job description or follow up with information on benefits. Now again, I can’t vouch for all technical recruiters (I am sure there are some poor communicators out there) but the way we train our team is to over-communicate. Give as much clarity as often as possible.

I once had a candidate who felt like throwing in the towel while trying to find his next gig. He had been working with different recruiters on a continual basis but never seemed to hear back– zero feedback or next steps. And with that dirty taste in his mouth, he felt defeated and no longer wanted to pursue moving forward with recruiters. I let him know that working with me was different. I send job seekers the emails I send to the client, so candidates know they have been officially presented. I also do end-of-week check-ins with all candidates. I keep the ball rolling, so they know what’s up. This candidate eventually warmed up to me and our team and appreciated the thorough process we conduct at BridgeView. Shortly after, I placed him with one of our top clients.

3. We are willing to disclose a client’s name and salary range.

In today’s market, you are getting messages left and right with various opportunities, but they often leave out essential details. I have discovered from personal experience that it is best to be up front about the hourly rate or salary range for each role in my first message. Knowing these details allows you to conduct research on the company before moving forward with a call. This helps you know what you’re signing yourself up for.

4. We work with you to update your resume for each opportunity.

Your general resume will be a starting place, but instead of submitting the same formatted resume for each opening (like some recruiters may do), we help you spruce up the content for each position. We edit and update your resume so the content highlights how your experience fits the particular role, making you a strong and compelling candidate from the start.

I once worked with a candidate who had a bland resume – not one detail stood out, but I knew this candidate had so much more to offer. Developers need their responsibilities to shine, showcasing their tech stack experience, completed products, accomplishments, the libraries and supported frameworks. I worked with this candidate to sharpen up his resume – he had so many outstanding qualifications that weren’t properly highlighted! The manager was so impressed that he extended an offer right away.

Presenting your expertise accurately can truly make all the difference between your dream job and hopping from position to position. And one final tip for you in this process– always send your resume to your recruiter ASAP. We can help you finesse the layout and content, but the sooner we have that document in hand, the faster we can get your info in front of our clients.

This is why working with the right technical recruiter is worth your time. We dig until we find you the ideal position, work with you on each application so that your resume reflects all you can do and disclose the details so you have an accurate picture of every offer.

So why wait? Connect with me and the Bridgeview team and let us help you find your next technology position today.

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Written: November 2022