Denver, CO – BridgeView IT, a leading technology consulting services and placement firm, has been named one of Outside Magazine’s Best Places to Work in 2020. The award represents the company’s second win in a row, underscoring their consistency in providing a stellar employee experience.


“This Best Places to Work award takes on extra meaning in a year like 2020,” shared Chris Beisler, Co-Founder and Managing Partner. “We’ve always found ways to give our team the great experience they deserve. In 2020, that means adapting to the pandemic, listening to our team members, and putting their wellbeing first.”

Outside Magazine’s list recognizes 50 outstanding companies across a number of industries throughout the United States. Employee surveys comprise 75% of the scoring for the award and contain over 80 questions grouped into eight core focus areas designed to gauge the entire employee experience. These focus areas included questions on culture, leadership, training, pay, and more. The surveys were completed anonymously to ensure truthful responses and accurate feedback.

The remaining 25% of the award’s score is derived from a benefits and policies questionnaire crafted to better understand the effort an employer is making to foster a positive employee experience. Questions here covered areas such as benefits, PTO time, hiring practices, career development efforts, community service, and employee recognition programs. Once both surveys were completed for all applicant companies, Outside Magazine compiled scores and awarded the country’s top 50 employers.

“Even with the events of 2020, the technology industry remains very competitive for employers,” commented Tim Glennie, Co-Founder and Managing Partner. “Receiving this award for the second straight year means our efforts to provide a world-class environment are welcomed.”


About BridgeView IT

Founded in 2005, BridgeView IT delivers exceptional technology consulting, project augmentation, and placement services while building deep relationships with both businesses and technologists. With a headquarters strategically located in Denver, Colorado, BridgeView IT is able to deliver boutique services across America while providing an unrivaled environment for the growth of team members. For more information, visit

Written: November 2020