Denver Workplace Culture Survey

Winter 2022 Results

We touched base with Denver’s entire tech scene—here’s what it had to say.

After nearly two years of braving the new world of post-pandemic work, we all have a clear idea of how our day-to-day operations are affected. So what have we learned in that time? Can company culture be sustained amid a pandemic? Are some aspects of that culture changing for better or worse?

With these questions in mind, we felt the time was right to check in once more with the professionals that drive Denver’s technology industry—so that’s what we did. Over 1,000 area technologists and 150 employers participated in the Winter 2022 edition of our Denver Workplace Culture Survey, answering questions that included:

  • How is your culture holding up after more than a year of Zoom meetings?
  • Were you welcomed back to the office? If so, did you feel safe?
  • Did you start a new role during the pandemic?
  • Have you spent time creating perks for the new remote work environment?


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