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Core Values

Learn more about the 3 values that serve as our North Star



{adjective} [aw-then-tik]

Be your true self.
Act with integrity.
We respect our ecosystem of employees, candidates and clients.



{adjective} [driv-uh n]

We are persistent and resilient. We are 100% committed partners.



{noun} [fo-kest]

We are subject-matter experts. We are sharpshooters. We are dedicated to the right fit or we will walk.

Empowering DEI

BridgeView runs on innovation, which we view as a kind of curiosity that constantly hums beneath the surface of technology. Tapping into such a powerful driving force in tech can’t happen without diverse ways of thinking, intersecting, and converging in the pursuit of creating something new. The greater the variety of minds focused on a given problem, the wider the array of solutions that will eventually emerge.

That’s why we strive every day to make our workplace more inclusive, so employees from all walks of life can achieve their potential. Every member of our team undergoes AIRS® Certified Diversity & Inclusion Recruiter training to fully understand the importance of building a more diverse talent pool. It makes us a better company. More importantly, it enables us to be better stewards of the many vibrant technology scenes we serve—in our hometown of Denver and across the U.S.—as they continue to grow.


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Karma days2

In addition to placing highly skilled professionals in competitive jobs, we provide them with a sense of wellbeing. Through our quarterly Karma Days, we give employees the chance to contribute to causes that matter to them and help them feel more connected to their local communities through organized volunteering.

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Volunteered to make breakfast for Urban Peak (homeless shelter)

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The Laradon School

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Dumb Friends League

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A Precious Child Organization

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Ronald McDonald House

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Foothills Animal Shelter

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Food Bank of the Rockies

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Adopting a family for the holidays

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Career Collaborative

Sponsored Donations

We match every dollar donated by employees to disaster relief funds through the Red Cross.

Volunteer Days

In addition to PTO, we give our team 2 extra days per year to volunteer at the organization of their choice.

Consistent, charitable giving and proud sponsors of…

The Alzheimer’s Association, BookTrust, and The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

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