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Eric Hudson

Principal Consultant

The spirit of service, inspired by purpose, elevates us.  My purpose is to strengthen community by enabling business efficiency and innovation.  As an engineer, I’ve appreciated information technology and its potential to reduce the mundane and elevate the amazing.  As a collaborative problem-solver, I’ve appreciated the power of teams to deliver results.  As a consultant with 20+ years of experience driving clarity from chaos, enabling team performance and delivering impactful solutions, I’ve learned that leaning into uncertainty is crucial for delivering successful outcomes.  Begin with value-hypotheses, quickly build minimum-viable products (MVP), learn, and iterate.

With advances in AI, machine learning, and automation, technology’s potential to elevate the amazing is more possible than ever.  In my pursuit to better understand technology advancements and to deepen my connections in the Denver business community, I encountered the BridgeView team and fell in love; you will too.  Do you have problems that are hindering your performance and growth? Let’s talk.

We solve problems.  We deliver solutions.  Your success is within sight.

Your next project is within sight with BridgeView