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2024 Technology Salary Guide

Discover how the new normal has shaped the landscape of tech

2024 Salary Guide (1)

2023 turned out differently than expected. Instead of a recession and increased unemployment, technologists experienced steady salary growth with a slight increase in employment. The tech market returned to pre-pandemic levels, with just under 3% salary growth and IT unemployment at only 1.94% by the end of Q3. However, the market still feels uncertain despite some stability heading into 2024.

Let’s talk about the big question everyone is asking. Will we see growth in technology hiring and salaries in 2024? This guide aims to assist both candidates and employers in weighing their options effectively, enabling them to make informed decisions during uncertain times.

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Weighing Your Options

Empowering candidates and employers to make informed decisions in a dynamic landscape.

Salary Ranges

Learn what junior, mid and senior roles are making across 65 specific job titles.

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National Tech Scene

Explore the evolving dynamics of the tech job market this past year and how we can leverage these insights.

2024 Outlook Survey

Discover the insights and perspectives of hundreds of tech leaders as they share their thoughts on 2024.

Nationwide Analysis

Read our insights on the current state of technology careers across the entire United States.

Tech Scene at-a-Glance

Get a high-level view of the current state of technology hiring across the United States.

Salaries by Job Title

Product Management & Design

Product Management & Design

Product Managers develop the vision, understand user needs, and ideate product features to address those needs. At the same time, designers build a product experience to solve user problems. These functions are integral to creating a successful software product, and we see demand for these roles staying steady in 2024.

Position Low Mid High
Product Management Director $154,000 $168,500 $196,000
Product Manager $118,500 $147,000 $170,250
Product Owner $94,500 $133,000 $155,500
UX Designer $92,750 $126,500 $142,000
UX Researcher $89,000 $113,000 $129,500

Product Management & SDLC
Software & Application Development
Data & Analytics
Networking & Cloud
Operations & Support
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