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Meet our leadership

BridgeView has always been a people-first organization. With decades of management consulting, digital transformation, and staffing experience, our leadership is deeply passionate about the wellbeing and success of our team—as well as every client and candidate we work for.


Chris Beisler

Managing Partner & Founder


Tim Glennie

Managing Partner & Founder


Nick Nordin

VP, Recruiting


Sam Jarvis

VP, Sales


Rob Kuhta

General Manager


Susan Miller

VP, Solutions

5 Steps to Help Your Team Members Overcome Imposter Syndrome

What is Imposter Syndrome and How You Can Help Your Team Overcome It

Have you ever suspected that someone on your team has been holding back because they’re afraid they’re not good enough despite all evidence to the contrary? If so, they might be suffering from imposter syndrome, a specific form of intellectual self-doubt where a person worries about their skills and is afraid of being exposed as…

Meet the team

Elizabeth Duran

Director of Operations


Angie Smith

Director of Finance


Courtney Truesdel

Sr. Director of Business Development


Brenda Armstrong

Director of Business Development


Michelle Kirkpatrick

Director of Business Development


Jessica Usborne

Director of Business Development


Jeri Thorson

Client Solutions Manager


Matt Herr

Sr. Technical Recruiter


Todd Unrein

Sr. Technical Recruiter


Katt Jorgensen

Sr. Technical Recruiter


Jeremy Neufeld

Sr. Technical Recruiter


Tommy Phillips

Sr. Technical Recruiter

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