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The Unexpected Benefits of Working Remotely

The Unexpected Benefits of Working Remotely

If your teams are like ours, the switch to working remote 100% of the time has been a mixed bag; some of us are thriving with the added pants-optional-home-time, while others have their faces pressed against the front window, writing “get me out of here” in the fogged-up glass. What we all have in common…

Cloud Best Practices

Cloud Best Practices Webinar: Realizing the Promise of Cloud Computing

Webinar: Realizing the Promise of the Cloud Cloud capabilities are like LEGO bricks that can be put together in an infinite number of ways to create just about anything. Given so many possibilities, how can you be sure you’re placing the right bricks in the right places to produce something meaningful and valuable? The exciting…


Webinar Download: Managing a Remote Agile Team in a Virtual Workspace

Agile software development requires maintaining momentum. It relies on process and depends on working together. What happens when something significantly disrupts those key factors? In the midst of a worldwide health crisis, entire teams are now working remotely. This is a unique situation for most companies, and it requires revising the mechanics of your Agile…


A Spice of Life: Supporting Colorado Companies During COVID-19

As the repercussions of the coronavirus pandemic continue, it’s more important than ever to support great local businesses. For us at BridgeView IT, that means giving a shoutout to our favorite Colorado catering company, A Spice of Life. It’s pretty simple: A Spice of Life makes some of the tastiest food we’ve ever had and…

Onboarding during corona virus

How to Manage the New Hire Onboarding Process During Coronavirus

As companies continue to hire through the coronavirus pandemic, the process for onboarding new hires has become more complicated. Processing pre-employment background and drug screens requires more oversight as delays are likely. In the case of criminal background screens, many government offices are closed and are unable to complete the process as quickly as they…