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5 Tips for Getting the Best Tech Talent in Denver’s Hot Job Market

5 Tips for Getting the Best Tech Talent in Denver’s Hot Job Market

  We’re in the midst of a spectacular heatwave—one that has nothing to do with the date on the calendar or a change in the weather. As it turns out, we’re nearing perfect conditions for an unprecedented Denver job market, in which eager tech professionals could have their pick of myriad available positions. The Situation…


Free Download: Your Denver Workplace Culture Survey Results

What do you get when you ask 1,000 Denver technologists and 50 area employers how they’re feeling about their companies? A clear picture of workplace culture. That’s exactly what we did, and we’re bringing you the raw data and insights in the form of this straightforward eBook. We knew that COVID-19 disrupted operations for technology…

5 Steps to Help Your Team Members Overcome Imposter Syndrome

What is Imposter Syndrome and How You Can Help Your Team Overcome It

Have you ever suspected that someone on your team has been holding back because they’re afraid they’re not good enough despite all evidence to the contrary? If so, they might be suffering from imposter syndrome, a specific form of intellectual self-doubt where a person worries about their skills and is afraid of being exposed as…

BridgeView Enhances Technology Consulting Offerings to Complement Award-Winning Staffing Services

BridgeView Enhances Technology Consulting Offerings to Complement Award-Winning Staffing Services

Denver, CO – BridgeView, a top Denver-area technology consulting firm with 15 years of delivery excellence, has announced an enhanced set of service offerings to the public. To better meet the evolving needs of clients, the company has defined two exciting consulting practices, Management Consulting and Solutions, which will complement their existing staffing services. “The…

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Rob Kuhta Joins BridgeView as General Manager, Consulting

Denver, CO – BridgeView, a leading technology consulting services firm, is excited to announce the addition of Rob Kuhta as General Manager for their Consulting practice. In this role, Rob will focus on enhancing the company’s service offerings to drive increased results for clients while driving a dynamic division into the future of technology. “BridgeView…


BridgeView Achieves Great Recruiters Certified 2021 Status

Denver, CO – BridgeView announced today it has been named Great Recruiters Certified 2021 by Great Recruiters, a leading experience and reputation management platform specifically designed for recruiting and staffing organizations. Great Recruiters Certified 2021 recipients have earned this distinction by putting into place and following processes to ensure a great experience for their candidates…


Are Your Job Postings Violating Colorado’s New Equal Pay for Equal Work Act?

With the pandemic and election dominating news headlines, Senate Bill 19-085 quietly went into law. Based on the conversations we’ve been having and the job postings we’ve seen out there so far in January, we estimate that 90% of Colorado employers don’t even realize they’re violating this new legislation with their normal recruiting practices. Colorado’s…

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Sam Jarvis Joins BridgeView as Vice President of Sales

Denver, CO – BridgeView, a leading technology consulting services firm, is pleased to announce the hiring of Sam Jarvis as Vice President of Sales. In this role, Sam is tasked with building sales strategies, growing the internal sales team, and driving revenue. “BridgeView’s nimble approach to meeting the needs of the technology industry and attitude…

2021 Salary Guide

Presenting Your 2021 Denver Technology Salary Guide

It’s natural to feel uncertain about the new normal of 2021, but there are many signs keeping us optimistic. Denver’s technology industry is staying strong while other sectors experience volatility. Remote work here is accomplished easier than in other industries, so technology firms are still very productive. Then, despite COVID-19, there are a number of…


BridgeView IT Wins Outside Magazine’s Best Places to Work Award for 2nd Straight Year

  Denver, CO – BridgeView IT, a leading technology consulting services and placement firm, has been named one of Outside Magazine’s Best Places to Work in 2020. The award represents the company’s second win in a row, underscoring their consistency in providing a stellar employee experience. “This Best Places to Work award takes on extra…