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Creating a Brighter Future with Colorado Non-Profit 4 The Children

Children are the future of not just the IT industry, but of the world. That’s why we recently jumped at the chance to spend two Karma Days with the non-profit organization 4 The Children. Established in 2017, this organization’s mission is “Protecting childhood today for strong families tomorrow.” As we witnessed in our short time…

Outside Magazine Names BridgeView IT a 2019 Best Place to Work

Outside Magazine Names BridgeView IT a 2019 Best Place to Work

BridgeView IT, a leading technology consulting services and placement firm, has been named one of Outside Magazine’s 2019 Best Places to Work. This award recognizes 50 outstanding employers across a number of industries throughout the United States and is based heavily on direct feedback from employees. “BridgeView IT team members deserve the best, and that’s…


Celebrating 14 Years!

Reflecting on Our Anniversary: 14 Things We’ve Learned Over 14 Years 2005 sounds like it was such a long time ago, and yet the years seem to have flown by. We’ve met a lot of people and accomplished many things during that time. As we reflect on the last 14 years during our anniversary, we…


Helping Students Through Mock Interviews at Laradon School

Laradon School is far from a traditional institution, and it provided a volunteer experience unlike any other. Recently, three of us from BridgeView IT spent a day conducting mock interviews with their students, and we found ourselves participating in one of our most rewarding Karma Days yet. Opened in 1948, Laradon’s mission is to provide…


Talent Acquisition Strategies from Colorado's Dynamic Talent Market Conference

What does Colorado’s talent market look like? How can organizations improve their employer brands? Is there a secret to managing relationships with candidates? These were just a few discussion points during another rewarding hrQ event that we had the pleasure of sponsoring. Concentrating on “Talent Acquisition Strategies in Colorado’s Dynamic Market,” the day took a…