Case Study

Mobile Delivery App: How This Restaurant Regained Margin

How our client's mobile delivery app empowered them against food delivery services


Our client, an American restaurant chain founded on homegrown recipes and excellent customer service, was frustrated by high fees from delivery services like DoorDash and Grubhub cutting into their business, overcharging valued clients and, basically, eating their lunch. They decided to take control of the service and up the ante through a solution that would allow them to compete effectively in the delivery market and streamline their business.

Recognizing the need for a comprehensive approach, our client embarked on a journey of innovation, guided by a team of experts from our company. We initiated the project with a discovery workshop, where our experienced consultants collaborated closely with the client's team. This workshop served as a catalyst for fresh ideas and encouraged out-of-the-box thinking, setting the stage for a transformative solution.

The Story

Like many other restaurant owners, our client was frustrated with the growing dominance of delivery services like DoorDash and Grubhub. Echoing the sentiments of many in the industry, the team at Motorino Pizza said in a recent CNN article, “This is the worst thing that has ever happened to us,” in reference to services like Grubhub. Determined to regain control over their business, our client sought alternatives that would empower them to provide exceptional service to their customers while avoiding the exorbitant fees charged by third-party platforms. 

An appetite for innovation

However, our client's vision extended beyond merely creating a delivery app. They aimed to redefine the customer experience and differentiate themselves from competitors. To achieve this, they approached the project with open minds, ready to explore new avenues and embrace innovation.

During the discovery workshop, our team and the client's team collaborated closely to brainstorm solutions that went beyond the immediate challenges. The goal was to create an application that not only facilitated efficient delivery and payment processing but also incorporated additional client-friendly features and streamlined operations.

The Result

Driven by the insights gained from the discovery workshop and our expertise, our team developed a winning mobile application that exceeded the client's expectations. The final product incorporated the desired features, such as a loyalty program that allowed customers to share points, engaging games for kids, exclusive promotion of the franchise, and seamless integration of front and back-end operations.

Throughout the agile development process, we ensured that the project remained within budget while incorporating new concepts and ideas that emerged along the way. The result was a transformative solution that enabled our client to regain control over their delivery service, enhance customer satisfaction, and ultimately drive their business forward.

Serving up success

If you're facing similar challenges in your business and are seeking innovative solutions, our discovery workshop, led by our team of experts, can guide you on the path to success. By bringing your teams together and evaluating your unique problems, we can help you identify effective strategies and prioritize issues to maximize return on investment. Don't let external factors eat into your success—take control of your business with our expertise and serve up a triumph.

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