Agile software development requires maintaining momentum. It relies on process and depends on working together. What happens when something significantly disrupts those key factors?

In the midst of a worldwide health crisis, entire teams are now working remotely. This is a unique situation for most companies, and it requires revising the mechanics of your Agile process while recognizing the effect remote work has on your technologists.

Susan Miller, a BridgeView Solutions expert, shared her real-world knowledge in this area as she led a recent 30-minute webinar that included an engaging Q & A session. Over 150 attendees discovered several best practices for managing an Agile team in today’s new environment, including:

  • Setting the right expectations and rules while making sure technology is aligned with new processes.
  • Managing different personality types remotely, particularly extroverts, while paying special attention to the mental health of team members.
  • Demonstrating the value and effectiveness of an Agile team to stakeholders inside and outside of the department.


Click here to access a free recording of the webinar to enjoy at any time.



Written: May 2020