It’s no easy feat touching base with Denver’s entire tech scene, but in surveying 1,000 technologists and 50 employers from the region, we’ve done just that. And in doing so, we’ve come away with a clear picture of how day-to-day operations have been affected by the ongoing pandemic.

So what have we learned? Can company culture be sustained amid a pandemic? Are some aspects of that culture-changing for better or worse? These are just some of the questions we set out to answer in the Fall 2021 edition of our Denver Workplace Culture Survey. Download the results today to learn the answers to these and other important questions, including:

  • How is your culture holding up after more than a year of Zoom meetings?
  • Were you welcomed back to the office? If so, did you feel safe?
  • Did you start a new role during the pandemic?
  • Have you spent time creating perks for the new remote work environment?

Ready to see how your peers, employees, and managers answered these questions? Click here.


Written: January 2022