Are you Tech Skills Top 10 material? According to recent ranking by IT Job Board, Dice, the top ranked skills are as follows:

The Top 5: Java,  C#, .Net, JavaScript, Ruby on Rails

The Next 5:  SAP, HTML, Oracle, CSS, Linux

Do we think that is accurate?  Somewhat.  The biggest omission is SQL.  The demand for anything SQL is so hot right now, with the explosion of requests for SSIS/SSAS/SSRS.  Additionally, with .Net development threatening to take over Java as the default ” go to” language for enterprise development, SQL is only getting stronger.

But, back to what was on the list.  As it is a skill list, and not a job ranking list, we do need to group some things together.  For your standard web developer, we require HTML (#7), JavaScript (#4), and CSS (#10).  Also, for .Net Developers, you would combine C# (#2) and .Net (#3).  The rest of the skills are mostly stand alone, so it could be argued that the top Tech Job right now is .Net Developer, followed by Web Developer, and then Java Developer.

Either way, all three job profiles are in high demand.  As far as rounding out the list,, Ruby on Rails (RoR), is definitely in demand by clients, but the candidate pool has yet to match the demand.

Written: December 2015