It has become an annual tradition for BridgeView to adopt a family in need for the holiday season.  This year, we worked with the Denver Rescue Mission to help select a family that could use the most help.  We had great support from our whole office, and each team member was assigned to shop for specific gifts for the family.  Once shopping was finished, we had a gift wrapping party and got ready to deliver the presents.

Alexa Dies & Todd Unrein delivered the presents on behalf of BridgeView and said it was a very humbling experience.  Upon arrival, the family invited them to visit and they talked with the family for a little over an hour; learning about their dreams, passions, in addition to their struggles.  They were very thankful for the presents but they were more appreciative of the fact that they get an opportunity to live in the freest country in the world; with a roof over their heads and the ability to spend time as a family over the holidays.  The presents were the icing on the cake.  The family said they were going to wait to open presents on Christmas day because it will be the only presents they receive.  The couple has five children ranging in age from three to fifteen. Todd and Alexa both stated how grateful they were to be able to make an impact with this family and share a brief moment in the family’s life.

Holidays are about giving back, and the Denver Rescue Mission is built upon donations and volunteers.  They have a great team of volunteers but they always need more help.  If you are interested in getting together family, friends or your business team to volunteer, just click the link below.

Written: December 2017