Children are the future of not just the IT industry, but of the world. That’s why we recently jumped at the chance to spend two Karma Days with the non-profit organization 4 The Children. Established in 2017, this organization’s mission is “Protecting childhood today for strong families tomorrow.” As we witnessed in our short time onsite, they are adding tremendous value to our community through advocacy and support of children who have experienced neglect, abuse, or family-related trauma.

Because of the service that 4 The Children provides, they often need long-term or project-based volunteers who can support their important initiatives and programs. BridgeView IT was lucky enough to be introduced to 4 The Children just as they relocated into a new facility. In discussing their needs and determining how we could provide assistance, it came to our attention that their bathroom needed a small face lift. It was a perfect project for us to participate in.

This rewarding Karma Day began by working with the Executive Director of 4 The Children, Ashley Hein, to identify her vision for updating the bathroom’s look. She wanted something peaceful and positive since this room provides a small reprieve for families experiencing challenging situations. Our first day of volunteering included moving furniture, taping walls, and painting, while the second day was focused on making the final touches. A can of paint, paint supplies, a few items for décor, and a little bit of our time was our small contribution in providing Ashley with exactly what she was looking for.

While our efforts were minimal compared to the larger purpose of the non-profit, our hearts were fulfilled by seeing 4 The Children in action. This was an incredible experience that we won’t forget. The work this organization does for our community and for humankind is really needed and very much appreciated. Our humbling experience provided us with a reminder of things not to be taken for granted. We share their mission – protecting childhood today for stronger families tomorrow – and are grateful for the opportunity to contribute to this very meaningful organization.

To learn more about 4 The Children, visit their website. For more on the events BridgeView IT participates in, follow us on LinkedIn.

Written: December 2019