Technology hiring has changed dramatically. The past year saw demand for talent soar, and the tech unemployment rate drop to 1.8%. Salaries increased by over 10%. So, what does this mean for 2023? We’re bullish on the outlook!

This year’s BridgeView Tech Salary Guide will project national salary averages for the top 65 job titles. We chose to create a national guide this year as the repercussions of pandemic-driven relocations continue to impact the market, reflected in the narrowed gap in US location-based compensation. Almost 40% of technologists now work completely remotely. What does this mean for businesses looking to hire and talent looking for positions?

Hiring trends, remote work, and the national economy all come into play when looking ahead. We’ve done our research, digging deep into more than twenty recognized expert sources and adding BridgeView’s experience with national and regional partners. We believe we can offer insight.

If your staffing budget is being cut, business is booming, or you’re a technology worker looking for placement, consider a contract-to-hire resource which allows for greater flexibility.

Our guide is designed for hiring managers and job seekers to help them make well-informed decisions in an uncertain environment. Moving forward with insight!

Click here to download the 2023 Tech Salary Guide.

Written: March 2023