If you’re looking for signs of optimism amid the turmoil and uncertainty that loom over 2022, look no further than Denver’s flourishing technology industry. The Mile High City’s tech scene continues to grow while other sectors experience volatility. More and more frequently, bold new startup companies are looking to Denver as a promising hub for incubation. And the city is responding in kind by putting itself in a position to be a hotbed of tech disruption on par with Silicon Valley.

In the midst of all this excitement, it’s easy to lose sight of practical matters like job growth and compensation. That’s why we developed the 2022 Denver Technology Salary Guide. Based on nearly two decades of local-market experience and in-depth research, this guide was created by tech locals for tech locals. Inside, you’ll find specific technology salaries for a number of Denver’s most prominent positions as well as details on the trends and in-demand skill sets shaping the year’s compensation.

For technology experts, that means getting what you’re worth while driving your career forward. For hiring managers, it means extending a competitive offer the first time rather than overpaying or underpaying. Either way, this guide was created for you.

Click here to download the Denver Technology Salary Guide.

Written: February 2022