It’s natural to feel uncertain about the new normal of 2021, but there are many signs keeping us optimistic. Denver’s technology industry is staying strong while other sectors experience volatility. Remote work here is accomplished easier than in other industries, so technology firms are still very productive. Then, despite COVID-19, there are a number of statistics that can make any Denver-area business or technologist feel confident in the future. These factors and more have an impact on compensation.

Based on 15 years of local-market experience and in-depth research, this 2021 Denver Technology Salary Guide is created by locals for locals. Inside, you’ll find specific technology salaries for a number of Denver’s most prominent positions as well as details on the trends and in-demand skill sets shaping the year’s compensation.

For technologists, that means getting what you’re worth while driving your career forward. For hiring managers, it means extending a competitive offer the first time rather than overpaying or underpaying. Either way, this guide was created for you.


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Written: November 2020