Denver Workplace Culture Survey Results

What did 1,000 technologists and 50 employers have to say?

It’s clear to anyone that COVID-19 disrupted normal operations and served as an agent of change, but the effects of that disruption are harder to see. This is especially true when it comes to corporate culture and the employee experience.

The only way to find out how people are feeling is to ask them, so that’s what we did. Over 1,000 area technologists and 50 employers participated in our Denver Workplace Culture Survey, answering questions that included:

  • How is working virtually going for you?
  • What has your company done to keep you engaged?
  • Does your company have plans to get back in the office?
  • What types of technology are you using to stay productive?


To see the answers to these and several more revealing questions and strengthen your environment, download your guide today.

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